Exportation and Importation

•    Cargo reservation and shipment coordination
•    Shipment Instructions papers (Draft/BL)
•    Export registration in SISCOMEX
•    Export custom clearance in many categories
•    Cargo manifest, parameterization review and inspections
•    Emission of certificates
•    Shipment of the original documents and authorized copies abroad
•    Account management (payments, quotation and conference: taxes, shippers/agencies, terminals and                others) 
•    Confirmation control of the procedures
•    Supervision of the transaction to its destiny. 
•    Request and emission of importation license through the Consenting Bodies
•    Qualification in SISCOMEX/Radar – Natural Person and Legal Entity  
•    Tax classification of goods
•    Monitoring of departure and arrival of cargo in ports and airports
•    Development and registry of import declaration 
•    Registry and supervision in AFRMM, ANVISA, MAPA and Bonded Enclosures systems
•    Payment or exemption of ICMS
•    Preview and estimated budget of procedural expenses
•    Supervision of customs clearance in the enclosures of any customs procedures and tax benefits (ex-tarifário,       drawback regimen and temporary admission)
•    Transfer and clearance of cargo in custom warehouse.

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