CACER is a company specialized in Custom Clearance importation and exportation services, with a structure destined to honor the Foreign Trade demands of Santa Catarina.

We operate in all of the State’s ports and airports with experienced and qualified professionals, being able to count on excellent relations with intervening agencies and with our systematic transparencies. 

The Head Office is located in the city of Itajaí, where one of the largest port complexes of the country can be found and our subsidiary in São Francisco do Sul embraces the operations of this cities’ port, besides from the Itapoá port and Joinville’s Airport that handles the air cargo. 




•    Representatives in almost all of Brazil’s port cities and a focused service in the Port Complex of Itajaí, Port of Imbituba,       Port of São Francisco do Sul, and the Port of Itapoá. 
•    A great relationship with intervening agencies and the consenting bodies of the logistical chain. 
•    Immediate restitution of the cash holdings after custom clearance. 
•    Flexibility and compliance to our clients’ needs
•    Experienced and qualified professionals
•    A computerized system integrated to SISCOMEX
•    An efficient operational system and information transparency 
•    Know how in custom clearance in the following industrial segments: ceramic, civil engineering, electronics, chemical,           metal-mechanic, furniture, textile, technological, clothing and others
•    A consolidated image in the market
•    Proven experience in exportation and importation services.







Assist in the clearance of exportation and importation cargo facing the requirements and operability of the intervening agencies, guided by the legal precepts of custom legislation.  




Resilience, Agility and Security.


Avenida Marcos Konder, 391 - Centro - Itajai - SC - Zip Code 88301-301 - Phone (55) 47 3341-2700

Branch: Rua Almirante Guilhem, 2 - Centro - São Francisco do Sul - SC - Zip Code 89240-000 - Phone (55) 47 3444-0036

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